Faith not fear

In my journey with my love for writing and for various arts (even if some do not love me back), I learned that the greatest hindrance to one’s full potential is fear.

The fear that you will not measure up. The fear that goes ahead before faith. The fear which creates reasons not to try. The fear that cripples your wings before you even flap it for you to fly. The fear of people’s criticism. Name it and it is unending.

But I learned that the moment I learned to embrace my fear, I was no longer afraid to fail. One of the reasons also why we are afraid to try is because of pride. I remember how I was afraid to write because of fear of criticisms. But the moment the Lord convicts my heart that it was pride that hinders me to explore my full potential, to flap my wings and fly, that’s where I get to learn so much. When there is pride, it is so hard to learn from others because you want to be viewed as someone who is infallible. But reality is we all fail in some points.

You alone knows better what you want to do and what you can do because you will be the one to do it. But it is also very helpful to be surrounded with the right people. Those who can appreciate you for who you are and what you can do but at the same time straightforward enough to criticize you to be better. Criticisms are good in some ways because it makes you stronger and better. Stronger in a sense because you no longer run away from your fear of criticisms. You face it head on and have learned to filter it; to be wiser which to discard and which you can learn from.

When there is something that is in your heart that you want to do, one must be brave enough that life is a long and winding road and it will not be as easy as you think to traverse that road. So you learn to brace for the storm ahead of time and prepare. In this way, you don’t yield to the power and deceit of fear when challenges come, but rather you face it with faith, courage and humility and most of all to prepare yourself in the journey.

I wrote this after the preparation of this calligraphy name tags/bookmarks because it taught me that somehow there is progress in my journey. I can still remember how I posted before even letterings which has no harmony at all but which at that time, I feel like I had the best handwriting and lettering in the universe or at least in town. Looking back, it is important that we get to learn to enjoy and be thankful with the journey itself, so that even when nobody gets to appreciate your work, you can keep going, knowing that you love what you are doing even when it can be hard at times.

Every imperfection is part of the journey. And so it should not hinder you to carry on. Every imperfection encountered can be a great way to be better so long as you do your best in the process. And I would not have created something like this had I not undergone that exploration journey as I pray and trust in the Lord in the process.

Be brave enough to nurture the skills and talents He gave you. You have it for a purpose. Use it. Share it. And just like iron that is eaten by rust especially when not in use, so is our skills and talents. So let’s use it wisely and use it for His honor and glory:)

Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.” – Prov. 16:3

Pursue your passion right where you are

Excerpt from the farewell speech of Catriona Gray when she turnover the Ms. Universe Crown to Ms. South Africa.

We often limit ourselves to the path we’ve taken a long time ago, those moments when we have to decide for something which can sustain us for the long term. So we decided to pursue what is practical.

As we grow up, we lost that sense of wonder and excitement on pursuing what we love to do. We pursue what they say are practical ventures and that which gives us a sense of stability. But I hope we will never forget that life is a journey and that nobody is too old to learn and that nobody is too old to try to pursue what one once loved to do.

Most of the things we love to do are often buried in our hearts as the demands of life call us to do what is urgent at the moment. Fear also has a way of crippling us from doing and pursuing things and that’s where we need to hold on to faith and keep believing. While we think where we are may hinder us from pursuing what we love to do, we can however view it differently. We can accept the path we take at the moment and do our best in it and at the same time try to incorporate what you once love to pursue in your daily lives.

I get to realize that not all of life’s passions has to be pursued through formal education. Some of those are already part of us and we just have to use it and share it to nurture it and to continually improve in it. Maybe the careers we have had been gained through formal education because it was necessary to go through it. But beyond our careers we have different passions in life and we need not let go of our careers to pursue our passions. Sometimes we just evolved taking the lessons we learn in our journey. The two can go together just as some people have pursued their careers as their passion.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

-Oscar Wilde

What I want to convey is that we don’t need to wish we were someone else or that we are somewhere else. We just have to be who we are and be present where we are and do things with our hearts and minds. Also, I believe that we don’t need things to be perfect to get started. We just have to put our heart in what we do.

More of life is about the journey because we face life on a day to day basis and not embrace everything in one moment. And our life counts not with one milestone but who we have become in the process of pursuing what we love to do and how much God taught us in our journey.

And it is my hope that you get to see God’s guiding hand in your journey and you get to appreciate His presence even when circumstances are tough, fully convinced that He is sovereign and is in control. Our lives here are temporary and everything else is passing and we need to make the most out of it just as Christ came to serve and not to be served. And we can serve in so many ways with who we are right where we are. Our teacher once said that “Success is when the Lord will say at the end of our lives ‘Well done good and faithful servant’”.


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My Life, Your Life, His Purpose

I consider myself as a a wonderer and a wanderer. My thoughts wander and wonder a lot and I love to write random things which inspire and encourage me in so many ways. I believe that we do not need to wait things to happen before we can appreciate our journey. Sometimes it is the journey itself that makes this life worth living if we set our minds on the things above.

I may be a wanderer and a wonderer but I am always at home with His word which gives meaning to our lives and gives us the courage to move forward with His purpose. Words are life and since we reap what we sow, I want to sow good seeds in our hearts and minds so that good thoughts can be planted and nurtured and bear good fruits.

Just like the rain pours and allows the plants to grow and bear fruit so is His word, it will accomplish his purpose. There is power in His word. In the beginning was the word. And the word was with God and the word is God. Words give life when used wisely to accomplish His purpose.

I hope that as we anchor on His word, we get to go through life with a sense of purpose and fulfillment because while everything else pass away the word of the Lord stands firm forever.

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