“Mom”, a woman of grace under pressure

Got inspired with commissioned pieces and I tried to make one for my mom even when there was no occasion at all. And for all the moms out there, I hope these words I wrote from my heart will be a source of encouragement to you on how much you are loved and appreciated. ❤

To every mom, you are loved and appreciated


Such a wonderful word to utter.
Such a wonderful thought to remember.
How you carried us in your womb for months is such a wonderful mystery.
And how we get to be where we are today and become who we are today is incomprehensible.

For days, months, years, you were always there, from the very first time we opened our eyes, you watch over us with so much joy and hope.

To have the privilege to call you “Mom”, “Mama”, “Nanay”, “Inay”, “Ina” and so much more is such a blessing.

Our lifetime will never ever be enough to repay you for your labor of love and sacrifices for us.

The world is made much more beautiful because of a mother’s soul which fills the universe with love, gentleness, goodness and a lot more.

Thank you so much mom.
You are appreciated.
You are loved.
And God loves you most.

//Looking forward to write more commissioned pieces someday because words will always leave footprints in the hearts of humankind❤

Originally written: 01/06/2019

God’s love endures forever

Life is a constant struggle. At times we win, at times we lose. But what makes it beautiful is the steadfast love of the Lord that never ceases.

God’s love endures forever❤

God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and he does not shift like shifting shadows. He is faithful. He is trustworthy.

In moments when you doubt, you can always trust the character of God. Even when man’s love may fail you, it is for us to learn that only God’s love is unfailing and we can anchor on him.

God is love. And we love because He first loved us. Apart from His love, life is empty. Our love tank can easily get bankrupt apart from Him, apart from the love we receive from him.

Just like a phone which loses it’s life when not charged for quite a while, so are we. We need to connect to the source to keep going because in Him there is power. He enables.😊

Facing the year with the fruit of the spirit

In a few hours from now, we will be welcoming a new year full of new opportunities and with opportunities also come new challenges.

But since we still have a few hours before the close of the year, it pays to reminisce and thank the Lord how much He enables us to face this moment of our lives breathing and thriving no matter what the odds.

Is it not amazing to take a deep breath and just inhale the goodness of the Lord that even when some things may not go as plan He reminds us that He is Sovereign and is in control.

And that while every second differs what remains constant is God’s presence. He taught us that aside from the peace that comes from Him everything is in chaos. But as we pray and seek him, we thrive even in the chaos of our minds and circumstances because His presence goes with us. And it is His presence in our lives that allows us to bear fruit, fruits that last. This fruit of the spirit empowers us to thrive in whatever circumstances and rise above our challenges just like how an eagle soar above the sky.

I hope and pray that the fruit of the Spirit continue to thrive in our heart as we face another year. But before the spirit can bear fruit, we need to abide in Him, for apart from Him we are nothing.

So as we prepare the different fruits we set on our table, I hope we will never forget to prepare our hearts so we can bear the fruit of the spirit all year round. ❤

A blessed new year to each one of us😊

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