On Love Letters: We love because He first loved us ❤

Sending some Love Letters to the wind and the sky so it can reach the ends of the earth:)

This writing is not perfect in words as I write it spontaneously without using a liner beneath the paper and without anything to copy.

A handwritten letter to a friend

I wrote it spontaneously just as thoughts flow in my mind. I notice that I get conscious when I put something beneath to line the paper. So I decided to write it without anything underneath and just write spontaneously wherever my thoughts take me. And I just wrote memory verses which I kept in my heart, memory verses of God’s wonderful love for us❤

John 3:16

May this work of art written with a big heart as inspired by the Maker encourage us to love one another. However the words may no longer readable. So just remember the main message:)

“We love because He first loved us.”❤

Happy Hearts Day everyone. May His love continue to inspire us. 🌻

God’s grace renews us every day

I thank the Lord for his amazing grace day by day. One day at a time. One step at a time.

Just as He provided manna from heaven everyday to His people, He will provide grace day by day – enough to sustain us the whole day.

Tomorrow is not ours to worry. Why worry for something we do not own? Why worry for something that is considered as a gift when it comes?

We prepare for tomorrow. We may worry a bit, but may it never cripple us to live the present and to be grateful for every breath. Who knows if tomorrow ever comes for us? God knows. He is in control.

Just focus on what you can do. Stretch your limit. But be careful not to break. For what good is a rubber band if it is stretched beyond limit. It breaks. You can be elastic but not to the point of breakage.

Rest if you must. But never quit. Soak yourself in His amazing grace. You may fail at one point. But let it not define you. Continue to strive for what is better even when at times you my feel bitter and burdened. Sometimes you need to be bitter to feel better. And sometimes you need to feel burdened to learn how to carry things better.

Focus on watering the grass you are standing on and see how much life it gives to your heart, mind and soul❤

Transitions are part of life for nothing is constant except change. It can be uncomfortable but it can also be rewarding and fulfilling. Just go through the process with humility, patience and endurance. And you’ll be fine.:)

“God gives grace to the humble in heart…”

And you can rest in His amazing grace as you do your best. As it was once said, a clear conscience is the best pillow at night. Knowing that you did your best gives you peace.

“If you compare yourself with others you may become vain or bitter for always there will be greater and lesser person than yourself.”

My writing journey and how it taught me patience


I wrote Psalm 23 from memory. I’m not sure if I got it all right. Oftentimes, my hand written writings are not error free since I wrote it spontaneously coz I love it that way. I love how my pen bleeds at the same time my thoughts flow from my mind.✍😁

I wrote this with my own handwriting. I love how each line of Psalm 23 speaks to my heart every time I write it.✍❤

But it’s funny how my impatience and excitement in just writing random thoughts taught me to write spontaneously without any lines and without any pencil to guide me but still come up with a straight line. But commissioned pieces cannot be done spontaneously and that’s where I get to learn to be patient in lining with a pencil and drafting the appearance of letters. And the outcome is way better. And it taught me that patience in doing things make things better in the end🍂🌻

I always love blank pages or dotted lines more than any lined notebook. But lined notebooks also have its advantages though:)

I love Psalm 23 for its timeless message❤

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