On humility and patience

As I journey through life, the older I get, the more I realized how little I know and how vast the universe is. It taught me that nobody has the monopoly of ideas. And that it is okay not to know everything at all times. What is important though is humility and patience – the humility to acknowledge that we do not know everything and and the wisdom to seek counsel, and the patience to endure and to learn from other people and our circumstances.

Humility and patience in learning. Written using my own reflection of my own journey.

Even when it seems that we learned our lessons already and prepared ourselves so well for the future, life will teach you that there is no such thing as the same thing and perfect circumstance. Each circumstance brings in new lessons and can teach us so many things if we are humble enough to acknowledge that though we know something, we do not know everything. Patience on the other hand allows us to endure and see our situation on a better perspective knowing that every day things are changing and everything is temporary. You’ll get through it fine even when you seemed to be bombarded at times with shortcomings. Just do your best and carry on. As the song goes “that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” 😊

Humility and patience allow us to carry our burdens with a better perspective and with a greater purpose. It allows us to focus not just one on what we are doing but also on so many things to be grateful for. It allows our heart to carry things a bit lightly even when sometimes loads are heavy. Humility allows us to do our best and acknowledge that God is our ultimate master. And God gives grace to the humble in heart. Patience on the other hand, keeps us going even when we could have so many excuses for not doing things, knowing that He enables and that He is bigger than our worries and our troubles.

So when I get overwhelmed, when I get overwhelmed with what to do,
I take comfort at the view at my back window😊
where I can see the sky so high and plants so green,
and it reminds me how the sky displays the glory of the Lord,
how His works of nature are so magnificent
and how my concerns are just a dot in the universe,
a universe whom the Lord created.

And if He has power over the universe, how much more power can He worked on the one He loved.
And I am loved by the One who created my inmost  being, the one who created me and made a home for me not just on this beautiful earth but even beyond❤

Thankful for the beauty that God created for me to see and marvel. Thankful to Him for teaching me humility and patience in my journey so I can acknowledge God Almighty, ever powerful, ever reliable, ever faithful.✍

On Love and Life

Social media hype on this Heart Month is all around us, but I hope this wouldn’t blind us with the gift of what we have, the simplicity of life and the different love languages we receive in our lives from people.

God is Love. And we are called to love one another with the love we received from the Lord. ❤

So here’s my entry:

I guess Love is as simple as drinking a glass of water, yet so vital, essential and refreshing.

A simple time spent with a friend while communing with the beauty of nature

It is about celebrating the gift of life and the privilege of having one another as friend. Beyond any emotions, it is a decision to fight for the good of the other and of one another.

One will never truly know when it lasts because people come and go whether in this life or in the after life. Yet what matters is not what you will do tomorrow but what you do today.

We may fear tomorrow but doing what you can do today to love and care for the person the Lord had entrusted to you will give you peace and joy within yourself for it is the only thing within your control.

And above all, it is the Lord who makes things grow. So as you water the seed of love, entrust it to the Lord, the one who makes all things possible and the one who makes all things work together for the good of those who love him who has been called according to His purpose.:)

On being determined and ambitious

The past days I feel like I was chasing time. As a song in Lion King goes “there is more to do than can ever be done, more to see than can ever be seen,”

And just like that there will be moments in our lives that we don’t feel enough. While it is good to do our best, it is also helpful to acknowledge our limitations. Each of us has different circumstances. Even when you fail at times, yet when you know in your heart that you did your best, learn to brush judgment and frustrations aside and just keep doing your best.

Stay determined. Stay ambitious.

Just because people or even ourselves belittle us for what we cannot do and what we do not have, this is not a measure of what we can and what we have. And there is more we can do than the failures and frustrations that others see and what we see in ourselves. There is more that God has in store for us than we currently have. Everyday is a new day. Do not get stucked in the past and the mold that circumstances and people may try to put you in. You are in better control on what you can do and how to respond. Choose to stay in the course and be determined not to prove others wrong but to challenge your self to be at your best. And most importantly, enjoy the journey as you open yourself to more possibilities.

Be determined. Be ambitious. Be open to possibilities. And enjoy your journey.😊

You see, we might not always get what we want. We may not always be where we want to be. But never lose your determination why you do what you are doing. Go back to your purpose and connect to the Source. He enables.

Success sometimes is not always achieving our goals or the goals set by others, sometimes it is along the journey on how we add value in the lives of others and how we put our heart in what we do. Success is not always measured by what we see and know.

Success is measured in terms of the treasures in our heart. And we learn to store treasures in our heart as God molds our character in our journey. Success and failures can go together and even if our lives seemed a failure at times as compared to others as we see it, it is for us to rely on the grace of God for greatness rather on our own.

In line with this, I am reminded with this verse:

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition but always consider others better than yourself. Think not only of your own interest but the best interest of others”

You can be determined and ambitious but it is also important to know the reasons behind our ambition and aspirations. May His glory be our top priority. Everything comes from Him❤

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