When I am afraid, I will trust in you

“When I am afraid,I will trust in You.” -Psalm 56:3 Fear surrounds us. We fear for our lives. We fear for the lives of our loved ones and friends especially when they are part of the frontliners. We fear for our community. We fear for our country. We fear for the world. We fear thatContinue reading “When I am afraid, I will trust in you”

What COVID-19 can teach us ✍

The past days and months had been a bit challenging for our country as new confirmed cases of COVID-19 sprouted and more than tripled in just around 2-3 days. The capital of our country is already on locked down and other cities followed. Work also has been suspended giving me some time to write aboutContinue reading “What COVID-19 can teach us ✍”

Reaching out to the world

I love the thought how technology allows us to reach the world. 😊 I love the fact I get to write not just for myself but for people around the globe.✍ I can see how much the world needs more goodwill than judgment, comparisons and competitions. And my goal is to add value in theContinue reading “Reaching out to the world”