Digital Calligraphy Wallpapers

As the pandemic continues and as people are forced to stay at home, I decide to create some personalized handwritten digital calligraphy which can be used in one’s computer. Each personalized digital callipraphy wallpapers is personally handlettered by me to inspire us as we work on our computers. This beautiful piece of work can surelyContinue reading “Digital Calligraphy Wallpapers”

Peace and safety amidst uncertainty

In moments when it is so hard to see the good, we are reminded that in the face of great sacrifice and disaster, the light of his face is more than enough to give us greater joy than when their grain and wine abound. It reminds us that indeed the joy of the Lord is our strength.🍂

Getting through challenging times

In the classic book Little Women, the Little Women and their mother were at home while their father was serving their country in the battlefield. When they received a telegram that their father was wounded and in which case Ms. March has to leave home immediately to take care of their father, she left herContinue reading “Getting through challenging times”