Welcome to Inksights & Letters

Inksights and Letters are insights in the ordinary days of life viewed from a heart of faith, joy and love. It is meant to encourage and inspire readers to find beauty in the daily grind of life.

InkSights & Letters put premium on letters and words. It is a place where one’s love for the written word is expressed not just through narrative but through personal handwriting and through one’s calligraphy journey.

It is where the power of words are maximized and it is where letters are crafted to showcase the heart behind the written word. As such, Inksights and Letters provides custom made calligraphy services and has made different products which add value in the lives of others

Words are life and a man reaps what he sows. Let us sow seeds of good thoughts as we journey through life. When good thoughts are planted and nurtured, our lives can bear fruit and we become resilient through the test of times. We just do not survive. It is important thrive.❤

About the Author

Hi! I’m Ming. I am an Accountant and a Juris Doctor by profession and a self-taught artist by passion. I started learning Gothic Calligraphy way back in high school when I self-studied a Lettering Book given by our father whom I now considered as a Traditional Calligrapher. Fast forward to around five years ago, my love for the beauty of letters resurfaced but still not fully knowing what calligraphy is all about. It is only recently that I get to read Calligraphy Books again and have learned the difference between Calligraphy and Lettering. I also took online courses on Copperplate Calligraphy and Flourishing and fell in love with the beauty of the Script. Next to Copperplate and Gothic, I’m trying to learn other scripts in Traditional Calligraphy. I started this blog to cultivate a culture where art and learning is a lifestyle. Now, my love for writing, handwriting and calligraphy are all set and have come to breathe life through this blog where I also feature my portfolio. Soon, I want to collaborate and feature the life and works of other artists as well.

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